Helllllllllloooooo there!! I'm Michelle! Nice to meet you. 

I'm an entrepreneur at  heart with a passion and desire to serve and support other creative business owners!

I'm ofire for helping you gain more clients and increase your profits by taking the unavoidable and mundane administrative tasks off your plate.

photo credit: Rachel Jordan Photography

Your business should always be on the growth trajectory. Sometimes, you hit bumps in the road that prevent progress.

I understand how challenging it can be to juggle all  the roles in your company as a business owner.

That's where I come in!

I can do these tasks for you:

  • send your email campaigns
  • manage your email inbox
  • proofread documents
  • make appointments
  • update your website
  • send invoices

You don't have to be all alone in your venture!

I'm an entrepreneurial junkie so you can know that I am TOTALLY INTO whatever you are doing to serve the world!

I deeply admire people who are brave enough to step out  beyond themselves with a leap of faith toward growing a business that's designed to bless others through a needed product or service!

What you're doing is a big deal and I believe in you!

Some of my experience involves running my own homebased nail salon and spending over a decade running several Etsy shops and ecommerce websites. I have skills in the online space and a lot of savvy for marketing and systemization of admin processes. 

My core values include:

  • family is first
  • mutual respect
  • encouragement
  • every person has high value
  • there's always room for fun!

illustration credit: @StudioSarahAnn

It takes gumption to get over the hurdles when you're trying to fill all the roles necessary to start and operate your own business. You don't have to be alone any longer.

Get on my calendar for a free consultation to talk with me about your business today!